Sunday, August 17, 2008

If you are traveling to a different country

Don't bring cash, but a credit card. If you do bring cash into a foreign country, make sure you exchange it. I was in Canada the other day and many stores undervalue the price of a US dollar. For example, a product in Canada may cost $2 in Canadian dollars, but if you pay with US dollar, it cost $2.10. I went to McDonalds in Canada with my family and total price in Canadian dollars was $9.56. I didn't have Canadian dollars with me, so I pay with $10 US and my new price was around $9.90. I got a Canadian dime (10 cents) back as my change.

During the week I stayed in Canada, the currency exchange rate was $1 US = $1.10 CAD. So one US dollar is worth $1.10 in Canada.

Anyway, I did use my credit card for many of my purchases. For example, on my receipt from Canada, it says $47.22 (CAD), but on my credit card statement, it says $45.71 (US). If I paid by cash, I would of paid around $50 (US).