Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Primerica life insurance really more expensive?

Some people say Primerica's term policies are expensive. While I do agree, they forget to mention that Primerica adds value to their clients and how much money clients are saving overall. People who say Primerica's term life insurance are expensive are only focusing on the life insurance aspect. It is also probable that some of these people sell whole life or universal life insurance and trying to bash Primerica and confuse the public. Whatever the case is, Primerica does the right thing for their clients. They help families get out of debt, get the right amount of life insurance coverage, and become financially independent. By showing clients how to get out of debt faster, the client would be savings thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from the total interest payment. Every Primerica's client gets a free, customized, and confidential financial needs analysis. Do other companies do this? I don't know any companies that does.

Primerica sells term insurance 100% of the time. When the term expires, the client can renew the policy every 5 years until age 75. After 75, it renews every year until age 95, which is when the policy expires. At age 75, who really needs life insurance? If your youngest child is 40, you have no debts to pay, and you are retired, making your savings last for the rest of your life is more of a concern than having life insurance. Primerica clients can also convert or exchange their term policies into another term policy. Primerica teaches their clients to also save or invest their money for the future.

With other companies, when the term expires, the client can renew every year or convert to whole life or universal life. If you don't know by now, whole life and universal life are more expensive than term insurance and if you study how they works (or if you have one, just read your own policy), you will see it is a total ripoff. Most companies don't teach their clients anything. They just sell products and its their clients that is getting screwed.

So who is really paying more? Primerica clients or the competitor's clients?