Friday, July 13, 2007

Why Primerica is the best business opportunity

1) Low overhead cost. Only $99 needed to start this business.
2) No rent.
3) No equipment to buy other than a pen and a notepad.
4) No salary or wages to deal with. All paychecks are handled by the company.
5) No status quotas to meet.
6) Great way to earn some extra income.
7) No need to quit your full time job.
8) You create your own schedule.
9) No boss. Only coaches and mentors to help you build.
10) You are allowed to recruit people.
11) You can earn passive and residual income.
12) You can make overrides.
13) We have a huge market. No one is helping middle income families, which represents 95% of the American population.
14) Financial education.
15) Unlimited income potential
16) Tax benefits
17) Company trips
18) Equal opportunity.
19) Company support system.
20) You have ownership.

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