Saturday, June 13, 2009

A new program to eliminate debt

Primerica has teamed up with Equifax to give clients a tool to pay off debt in the most efficient way. It takes information from your credit report from Equifax and provides step by step game plan to pay each and every single debt you have. This is a web-base program, so internet access is required and you can watch your progress anytime you want. You can also setup to receive alerts if there are changes to your credit report.

Also, it will give you your credit score and explains why you have that score. You also can run a simulation about what will happen if you apply for a new loan or apply for more credit or close an account.

Remember, this is a tool to help you eliminate debt. It is not a bill payment center, so you have to pay your bills directly. Primerica representatives does not do any credit counseling services or negotiate with creditors.

I have couple loans I want to pay off, so I'm going to sign up for it and see what's the game plan is. I'm very interested in learning more about my credit score and how it compares to the national average and what improvements I can make to make the score better.

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