Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is Primerica all about?

I personally believe Primerica is a company that is about building and developing people to become business leaders so that they can eventually own their own business someday. In Primerica, they are not a company that is about financial services. They are a company of distributing financial products. Everybody needs what we do. We help families get the right amount of income protection, help them eliminate debt, and become financially independent. We provide a customized, confidential, and complimentary Financial Needs Analysis, which is a financial tool to help people reach their financial goals.

I listen to many successful people in this company earning million to four million dollars a year and one message I commonly hear from them is that you don't need to be an expert in finances to be successful in Primerica. You just need the commitment or dedication to fight for your future. You need to be careful who you associate yourself with. Are you associating yourself with people who are broke and unsuccessful and still talking about how high school was great? Or are you associating yourself with people who are highly successful and teaching you how to become successful? You also need to have a positive attitude. People want to work with people who are positive and excited. If you are not positive and always complaining or just in a bad mood, your attitude will affect the people around you. Another thing they say is get started now and let your trainers do the rest of the work for you until you feel confident enough to do everything by yourself. As you do more and more work, guess what? You also learn more and gain more experience and also earn more money.

There's only 2 reasons why people in Primerica don't get to work: 1) They don't understand the fundamentals or 2) They are lazy. No one in this world can change you if you are lazy. Only you can make yourself get to work. If you don't understand the fundamentals, your uplines will help you understand it.

Anyway, Primerica is a company that is about developing people to become business leaders. Guess what? They done a pretty good job with that with over 2400 reps earning 6 figures and over 60 reps earning 7 figures. I believe there's more successful people in Primerica than any other financial company. While you can make tons of money in other financial companies, do you have the same freedom as these successful Primerica reps are? All these successful Primerica reps don't have to work and still get paid. Can you do that at other companies? In Primerica, we can recruit our clients to give them the opportunity to earn extra income and build a business. What can other financial companies do if their clients have a shortfall of income to meet their financial goals? They would say you have to somehow earn more money or lower your goals. There's no one can do what Primerica can do.

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Anonymous said...

Two years ago after the 2007 Primerica Convention in Atlanta, you mentioned in your blog that, "Mike Sharp was right. You don't build leaders. You find them". Now in this post you're saying that, "Primerica is a company that is about developing people to become business leaders". Both are correct, but don't lose focus this 3rd time around... Mike was more right! :)