Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why recruit ?

There are some people out there wondering why Primerica is big on recruiting and I'm going to write my view on why I recruit. In order for any organization or business to grow, they have to constantly recruit or hire people. If they don't, the business will eventually die. While you can run a business by yourself, how long will that last? You are doing all the work by yourself and you will either burn out or max out on your productivity. If you want to expand your business and lighten the load of work on yourself, you need to bring some people into your business. Then you have to train them on how to do the tasks. If your business only had 5 people and your competitor had 20 people, who will make more money? You or your competitor?

If you ask any Primerica agent on why they recruit, you will get all sorts of answers. You will hear answers such as "To build a business' or "earn overrides" or "to help people." While they are all correct answers, the bottom line on why anyone recruit is to get freedom in their lives and to earn unlimited income. The more people I recruit, the more people that gets license. The more licensed recruit I have, then more families are being help. For every family that gets help, the licensed recruits earn income. For every licensed recruit that earns income, I earn income as well. As you can probably see, recruiting gives freedom and unlimited income.

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