Thursday, April 1, 2010

Huge Primerica Banner covers New York Stock Exchange

One of my RVPs with bunch of other millionaires and top producers in the company are currently at Wall Street right now. The company has finally gone public and the stock prices has been increasing all day today. He forward me a pic to my cell phone on what appears to be a huge Primerica banner that is covering the New York Stock Exchange.

Its awesome to be in a company that has done wonderful things not only for me, but for many people in the company and the clients they serve. In my opinion on why Primerica is an awesome company is because this company was built by middle income families that serves middle income families.

Check out this video from CNBC, "Primerica Strong Debut"


stockshaker said...

Hi Doing hte Right Thing,

Great blog here ... I am about to go to my first Primerica meeting tomorrow, and I was just doing some research beforehand to see if this company was the real deal.

I know MLM, and the hype behind the business opportunity ... While that is a perk, I am more interested in the company's product.

Do the products actually HELP people? Like, I've sat through an Amway presentation where they preach how a jug of no-name detergent that they sell actually saves people money. However, they don't explicitly tell that the price of this jug is 2X the price of a regular tide (except the jug is 4X the quantity) - which becomes a problem to the money-strapped family.

I've read a few posts on your blog where you talk about selling product to your family - DO these products really compare to the other institution products? Why would I buy a financial product from PRI rather than go to my Royal Bank?



Doing the Right Thing said...

I believe that Primerica offers quality products that can greatly benefit middle income families. From life insurance, to debt solutions, to investments.

While the term life insurance product is not the cheapest, its also not the most expensive either. It is competitively priced. Does cheaper always mean better? That depends on what you get from the product. Primerica sell one policy that can cover the entire household. It makes no sense to sell one policy per person. The rates are the same between male and female. Primerica's policies includes Terminal illness benefit. Also, there is no war clause, meaning if you die by war or terrorist attack, Primerica will pay the death claim.

Primerica's debt solutions have help every single client of mine that has follow the plan. There will be clients who will accumulate more debt, so it is important to follow up with clients on a yearly basis.

Primerica's investment products are incredible. I don't know the exact number of investments that Primerica offers, but its at least 100 or so. They offer mutual funds, education savings plans, and retirement plans. These mutual funds are affordable. You can start investing for your future for as little as $25 or $50 per month. I personally invest $400/month in my Roth IRA since 2006. While it was little scary in 2008 to 2009 when the market kept dropping, I know that the economy will always recover.

If you take a look at each part, they are essential for a successful financial future. Eventually, the need for life insurance will go away as debts are paid off and retirement savings are built up. I don't think there's any other companies that can do all of this for their clients. They do parts of it, but that means all they are doing is selling and not helping the client.

Why should you buy from Primerica? If you see the value in it, you will decide on what you think is best. I don't trick or use any sales tactics to make my clients buy from me. All I do is compare what they have and compare it to Primerica.

California's Lion said...

i am always so DANG AMAZED people still ask if our "products actually help people?" AND that "term insurance is not the cheapest"

give me a break i mean seriously! 1+1=2! facts are undeniable. look i understand people are new & very ignorant to money, afterall everyone's ignorant of something-im an ignorant golfer and dancer but sheeezzzzz!

if you got a family buried in debt or paying A over insurance and we offer them better product at cheaper price WITH BETTER OUTCOME NO MATTER WHAT
then what the heck more do you want?

i mean this aint a wait an see thing. Primerica is undeniable, its people who are off the rocker.

anyways, im sorry to rant but even from the time i was a skeptical new prospect I IMMEDIATELY KNEW Cheaper and hands on first hand things were always better and i was an ignorant immature 21 year old back then.

idk, i just dont get it.

my aunt and father passed away back to back recently and the close to $1 Million dollars paid out to each from that TERM Insurance and Subsequent Investments speak for themselves. ask my mom and my family if we think its worth it?
gee i wonder