Sunday, August 14, 2011

I don't want to work!

There some people out there that feel when they join a MLM (multi-level marketing) company, they don't want to work because every time they get paid, their uplines get paid too. So basically they are selfish and want to keep all the money to themselves OR they are just lazy. But you know what? They are only hurting themselves by not going to work and fighting for their future. They won't make any money and their business won't grow. Their uplines will make money whether their downlines work or not. Why? Because the uplines can do the work themselves and also they will continue to recruit more people. If you take a look at the larger picture, everyone are independent business contractors. You work for your own business. It doesn't matter if the person who recruited you is also earning profits from the production of your business. You have the same opportunity to recruit more business associates.

Also, commission rates are base on your sales level. In MLMs, there are several sales level. Everyone starts at the bottom and they have the opportunity to move up to the highest paying sales level. It's their choice on whether to stay at the bottom or work their way up. When you make a sale, you are paid a certain percentage base on your sales level. Every time you make a sale, the company pays your uplines an override. An override is the difference between your sales level and your upline's sales level. There is no split-commissions, unless more than one sales agent was needed to make the sale.

What if you do reach the top? Your uplines will still continue to earn overrides off your business. It will be a small override, but it will be a very big paycheck. People at the top are usually earning 6 to 7 figure incomes. I know that in Primerica, people at the top earn 7 figure incomes or close to it. Guess what? Most of them are not even working. They are enjoying life. If they die or wish to retire, they can pass their business to their kids and grand kids or sell it to another agent.

Can you do any of this at your job? Can you even earn this kind of income? If you can earn this kind of income, are you able to enjoy your life by doing things you want to do at any time? I know for a fact that in a job, the more money you earn, the more stress and responsibilities you have. Also, if you earn too much income at that position, the company has the right to fire you and hire another employee with a lower paying salary. You could be the best employee, but you have to know you are an expense to the company. In MLMs, everyone is a profit to the company because everyone is a sales agent. Every time someone makes a sale, the company earns a profit. So the company has no incentives to terminate the agent's independent business contract.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you know Primerica doesn't like be be called and MLM? They prefer to be referred to as a "network marketing" company.