Monday, September 5, 2011

Long live Bob Safford Sr.

Yesterday, Bob Safford has passed away at age of 77. I barely knew him, but I seen him do training couple times for the Keith Otto Hierarchy. The things he taught has greatly improve my business. He taught the 3rd party referral system. The last time I saw him do training was probably in 2008 in Bushkill, PA.

I remember he was the most excited and energetic person I ever met, especially for his age. I don't remember his entire history. I know he grew up poor above some bar when he was a child. I think he served in the military. Then he built a very successful insurance company. Then he joined Primerica long time ago (I think it was in the early 1980s) and built an amazing business.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

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Rollie Receno said...

Our condolences to the entire Safford family. In the lare 80" s a bob safford video was always fearured in our saturday training in mississauga, ontario Canada. Bob safford your wisdom made us a believer in our BTAID crusade. Thank you for your leadership. Rollie Receno and Nila Calingasan, of Eb2 & James Rowe baseshop of Don & Elaine Boardmans Team of Randy & Lillian nelson Heirrchy of Frances Avrett, of Kip Ridley Of Ronnie Barnes of A.L.Williams and a proud Primerica Inc Families... God Speed!!!