Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buy Term and Invest the Difference WORKS

30 years to date, Primerica still stands by its philosophy of "Buy term and invest the difference." As for the rest of the life insurance industry, they just keep changing their approach to the marketplace by creating and re-inventing life insurance policies that don't work.

In 1970s, other life insurance companies were selling whole life insurance.
In 1980s, Universal life insurance was created.
In 1990s, Variable Universal Life was created.
In 2000s, Return of Premium Term Insurance was created and now they are going back to selling whole life insurance again.

Would you put your financial future in the hands of a company lacking a clear direction?

Three decades. One timeless principle. We stand for something!
Primerica has always believed families need affordable protection for today and control over building wealth for tomorrow. Our “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” approach to personal finance puts families in position to achieve their goals in life! We’ve never had to change our approach in the marketplace … because it works!

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