Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love Primerica

I just want to say that I love Primerica for: me the opportunity to grow and build my business on my own terms.
...the opportunity to earn any amount of income I want to earn.
...the tools I need to grow my business
...the ability to educate and help families that desperately need our help.
...the unbelievable support system. Without it, I will be lost.
...putting together big events such as conventions and the most recent Builder's Summit they held in the past month.
...having awesome Co-CEO's John Addison and Rick Williams for putting so much love, support, and excitement into the company.
...being able to listen and learn from all the great leaders in Primerica.
...doing what is right for families 100% of the time.
...being a motivation in my life. Its not the company that motivates me, its the people in it from the employees who process all my paper work and answering all my questions to the great business leaders like Keith Otto, Frank Dillion, Jimmy Meyer, Bob Safford and many more, to the top executives of Primerica. One big company where everybody is heading in the same direction of growing big and doing what is right all the time and get more people to financial independence.
...for being able to bring new technology that I could use.
...for the amazing financial education. Without the education, I would still be putting all my money in a savings account and not invest a single cent in the stock market. I would probably be sold on whole life or universal life or whatever expensive crap these money-craving life insurance vultures are selling. With the education and guidance, I'm expected to be financially independent by the time I'm 50 years old just by investing. Factor in the income I earn from my business, I can be financially independent by the time I'm 40 years old or earlier.

Thank you Primerica for this amazing opportunity!

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