Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The numbers are the numbers...

... and you can't beat the numbers and the numbers can't beat you.

10 invites = 4 guest = 1 IBA

What are you doing to get 10 invites?
2 invites/day for 5 days/week = 10 invites/week = 4 directs/month

8 appointments = 5 FNAs = 3 Life insurance sales = 1 recruit.
Having 8 appointments in a month is ok for part-timers, but not acceptable for full-timers. I believe full-timers should be able to do 8 appointments in a week. I know people who can do that in 1 to 3 days. Why not you? What can possibly be more important than making money, helping families, and building a future for your family? Stop wasting time staying at home and watching TV or using the computer. If you work hard every day for the next 3 to 5 years, you can retire if you want, but its very unlikely that you will as you will become RVP and want to get more people promoted to RVP.

Understand the numbers and accept them. When you get the IBA, help that person grow their business. Get them on the fast start, help them get their bonus as soon as possible, and help them get their license. Show them how to get to District Leader. You just need to get 6 District Leaders and you pre-qualify for Regional Vice President promotion. If you are serious about getting your RVP contract, you need to have consistent monthly production. You should be fully license (life license, series 6, series 63, series 65, series 26, mortgage license) before getting your RVP contract. If you are in Primerica, just go to POL to learn how to get your next promotion or ask your RVP.

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