Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I love Primerica? OVERRIDES!

I should of posted this earlier in my career, but earning overrides is the best thing that has ever happen to me as I progress my career in Primerica. What is an override? To simply put it: "It's income earn when people in your business helps other people." Every time when someone on my team who is licensed and helps a family on his own, not only does he get paid full commissions, I too get paid by the company. Its unbelievable. There is no cut in commissions that is split between everyone. You get paid base on your sales level.

For example, an average annual premium on life insurance that a client pays is about $1000/year. If I was a District Leader in the company, I would get paid $500. My Regional Vice President, who train me, will get paid $450. What if I was a RVP doing the same work? I would earn $950 plus bonuses. What if I was a RVP who had 10 District Leaders and each District Leader helped out a family? I would earn overrides of $4500! As you can see, there's no split in commissions. Its only straight commissions (work you do) and overrides (work you didn't do).

As one Senior National Sales Director put it, "overrides = freedom" and its true. I hope that someday I will earn enough overrides that I'm comfortable with and stop working. My goal is to earn consistent overrides of $20k/month and stop working. I'm still young (less than 30 years old), so I still got lots of time until I retire. Hopefully I can get this done in 10 years. Right now, my goal is to get myself to RVP and then get more people to RVP position. How I plan to do that? By getting people to become District Leader.

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