Monday, September 6, 2010

ABC's of Primerica

You will hear this often in Primerica: What is the ABC to building a business?

A-Always Bring People. Every opportunity meeting should be pack with guests. If you are not bringing people, you are not growing your business.

B-Be a student. Attend training and take notes. Instead of writing them, you should bring a recorder and record every training. Read self-help books and improve your way of thinking. Some day, you will own your own office and need to do training. Some day, you will be out in the field training others on how to do the appointment.

C-Cheerlead the system. You need to be enthusiastic about helping people. You need to get people excited about getting promoted. Encourage them to do the work. As stupid as it seems, people like positive people. If you are not excited about your business, then people you recruit won't be excited.

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MV said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I think you really know your stuff. My question is this: Can you help someone who is not local to you (I assume you don't live in Virginia?) get started in Primerica, or do I have to go with a local contact/office? If you're able to get me started I'd love to work as part of your downline. Thanks!