Saturday, April 2, 2011

Primerica celebrates 1 year anniversary

Yesterday, Primerica celebrated its 1st anniversary after becoming an IPO on April 1, 2010. Yesterday, the company labeled it "Freedom Friday." Sounds corny, but Primerica is all about freedom. What does freedom mean to you? In essence, it means more time and more money. Anyone can achieve freedom, but not everyone is willing to pay the price to earn it. I don't think its possible for anyone to achieve freedom if they have a job. There is no freedom in a job. Its impossible. You work on someone's else time and they pay you a salary. You fear everyday that you will lose your job or that someday, you will not have the ability to perform at your job.

I have been in Primerica for few years now and I grow more and more passionate about what I do. I love how this company gives ordinary people such as myself to build a business within their company. I get to start part-time and earn some extra income and still be able to keep my full-time job. Eventually, my business grew and so did my income. My part-time income at Primerica eventually replaced what I earned at my full-time job. I now don't have a job, but I own a business at Primerica. I am not a Regional Vice President yet in the company as I don't have enough people, but I have some people working consistently and they do it voluntarily. I don't tell them to work or force them to work. They do it on their own. Every time they get paid, I too get paid. Its called an override. If people don't want to work, that's their decision. I'll make money whether they work or not.

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  • The largest financial services marketing organization in North America with 95,000 licensed representatives
  • #1 rank in term life insurance premium (2009)
  • $656.8 billion in life insurance protection in force – among the industry leaders
  • $74.4 billion in face amount life insurance issued in 2010
  • Paid an average of more than $2.6 million in life benefit claims each day in 2010
  • $34.9 billion in client account values in investments and savings
  • Opened 3.5 million client IRAs since 2000

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