Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why having a job sucks

If you have a job, you already know why a job sucks. If you ever got fired or laid off from a job in the past few years, then you really know how much a job sucks. Perhaps you need to be reminded about what a job is really about:
1) You are an employee
2) You have a boss telling you want to do
3) Your entire life evolves around your job. If you wanted to take time off to see your kid play sports or perform at a school play or visit someone who is in the hospital, you have to take sick days or vacation days.
4) Your life style is dictated by the fixed salary you earn at your job. This includes your home, your clothes, the food you eat, your car, your vacation, the schools your child attends, and so on. You know there's a higher quality, but you can't afford it.
5) The US government take taxes out of your paycheck before you get paid.
6) You can be fired in an instant without warning. You live with this fear everyday. As you get older, employer's tend to get rid of old people and hire younger and more energetic employees with a smaller salary.
7) A job is not going to teach you how to be successful. I believe the reason why is that they don't want you to be successful because you could be their competition if that happens.
8) There is no such thing as happiness at a job. You are delusional if you think having a job makes you happy because you will always live in constant fear. Your job such as working in a hospital may do good things for the public, but deep down you complain how long your hours are and sometimes how dangerous your job can be.

From 2008 to 2010, you have witness the death of American jobs and the worst financial crisis since World War 2. If you were affected by it, why go back and search for a job? To be fired later again? Why continue to do business with companies that put America and the rest of the world in a bad situation and yet the government bailed them out? To be screwed and ripped off by these companies again? Primerica didn't need a bailout. In fact, Primerica has survived every financial crisis since the company was founded in 1977. Primerica has zero profits. Primerica's clients didn't face a recession because Primerica teaches clients to invest monthly using dollar cost averaging, shows their client how to get out of debt, and educate clients the difference between cash value and term life. By the way, these companies that were bailed out are still screwing the consumer because they need to make lots of profits to pay off their government loan. How they make profits is by selling very expensive products such as cash value life insurance to the uneducated public who don't know a thing about these products work, but are very gullible to people who hold a formal title such as "financial planner" or "financial advisor." While the government has implemented tougher regulations against mortgage companies, I bet these mortgage companies will find some way to screw average and ordinary American citizens once again. Its in their culture to do so. If it wasn't, Americans would have lots of money saved, have very little debts, and maybe many of them would own their own business.

What you should really be doing is be open minded about going into business or go into business opportunities such as Primerica. At least with business, you own it and you are your own boss. You control your destiny and how much income you want to earn. You also get tax benefits of owning a business. If people say you are crazy and telling you not to do it, don't listen to them. They want to be losers for the rest of their life who will keep having a job and live in misery, but do you want to be like them? Do you want to work for the rest of your life at a job and get nothing in return? Do you know that in the early 1900s in America, there were 10% laborers working for 90% of business owners? Today, 90% of laborers work for 10% of business owners. It shows me that most of America has lost its ability to dream and fight for financial freedom. America needs to change, but there is so many obstacles in our way that prevents Americans to pursue their dream of owning a business. Do you know that most, if not all, colleges are funded by corporations? If you go into a college, you are very likely being brainwashed into getting a job. In fact, your own parents are even influencing you to get a job. If your parents are like my parents, they would say go to school, get good grades, and get a good job with benefits. Good job with benefits? What kind of crap is that? Benefits that comes out of your paycheck? That's not a benefit if you are paying some of it. Even today they still tell me the same thing. Know what? I don't care about what they want, this is my life. I choose to go with Primerica because I see the opportunity and know great things will come my way as long as I keep working and growing my business. I earn enough income that I can buy my own benefits such as health insurance, my own retirement plan called an IRA, and so on.

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Kenneth Andrews said...

lol.. Primerica wasn't the only company that didn't need a bailout. Insurance companies tend to be conservative. NYL, MASS, NWM, ect. didn't receive a bailout either.

Secondly.. Yes Primerica makes profits. That's how for profit companies work companies work.

Now Those mutual WL companies you hate actually don't take profits because they are owned by policy holders. Those are returned to whole life policies in the form of non guaranteed dividends.

Dollar cost averaging while a good strategy isn't the only strategy. And primerica clients lost money in 2008 just like everybody elses clients. Dollar cost averaging doesn't prevent losses. It just takes advantage of growing markets to buy lower (on average).

I highly doubt you know much about how Cash Value Policies work considering you work at primerica and have little to no training on WL products rather than repeating the mantra you are told.