Saturday, August 11, 2007

Primerica Convention 2007

This is the 2nd time I went to the convention and this time I was more focus by listening to what some of the successful people said and taking notes. At my first convention in 2005, I was goofing around and being amazed of all the people cheering and clapping. I had no clue what was going on or why people are so pumped up or excited. I wasn't paying much attention to the speakers and I didn't learn much from it.

At the 2007 convention, I was prepared. Though, I didn't get much information from the speakers that spoke in Georgia Dome, I jot down one message from Mike Sharpe, who is a $5 million earner. He said, "You don't build leaders. You find them." Reflecting on that message, I see so many people focusing on trying to build leadership on their team and trying to get their guys to do something. Most of the time, they listen, but they won't take action. So the only thing a person can do is continue to motivate them and repeat the same message again until they decide to take action. What else they should do is keep recruiting until they find someone who will take leadership and pursue their dreams and goals.

I didn't attend any workshop that was there such as Technology Workshop or Women in Primerica. But I did attend the "District Leader" workshop, which I think it was the best workshop than all the other level workshops such as "Division/Regional Leader" or "Associate" workshop. In 2005, I was in the "Associate" workshop and the main focus was to get to District Leader and utilize your uplines for help. In the District Leader workshop, they talk about building Districts, duplicating yourself, when you should go full time, mastering the presentation, and self improve yourself. District Leaders are the foundation of your business. If you get 6 District Leaders, you qualify for the Regional Vice President contract.

Anyway, here are some videos from YouTube of the Primerica Convention 30th Anniversary. None of these videos are mine and I don't know who posted videos. All I have to say to the people who videotaped the convention is "Thank you for sharing the videos."


(have you seen any other company where bunch of people cheered on for their CEO??)



THE DAY AFTER CONVENTION (Sunday, August 5, 2007)

If I was an agent for another company, I would be thinking, "Damn. Primerica is going to dominate the financial industry! Why isn't my company building like that? Why can't I recruit and override people? Why doesn't my company give out such recognition or put together an event like this?"

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Anonymous said...

I decided to go with Primerica 20 some years ago... back when it was ALW. Art Williams is a visionary who revolutionized the life insurance industry. PFS carries that vision on into other financial services today.

I made two false starts over those 20 some years. Never really got off the ground.

This is my 3rd run at it. I finally found a class guy fairly high up to come in under.

In your comments I found what probably is the best single thing I've heard in those 20 some years. "You don't build leaders. You find them."

I think that will be my motto this time around.

Don't waste time trying to motivate people. Work with those who motivate themselves.

Stop wasting meeting time trying to pump people up. Cancel the meeting, and spend that time with people out there doing it.

Don't babysit people. Don't hold their hand. Let children fall by the wayside. Spend your time with grown-up self-motivated adults.

Mike Sharp was right. You don't build leaders. You find them.