Monday, August 6, 2007

Things that makes Primerica unique

This topic is for all the current representatives or people who want to know more about Primerica before pursuing this career. Keep in mind that this is a business opportunity, not a job opportunity. I truly believe that Primerica is the best business opportunity and there is none like it. In order for this business to work, you need to get off your butt, get out of your home, talk to people, schedule an appointment, do the appointment, do the Financial Needs Analysis, schedule for a 2nd appointment, present the FNA, get referrals, invite client to see the business opportunity, then finally close the sale.

Here are some of the things that makes Primerica unique:

1) Primerica's sales force continues to grow while other companies are growing stale and their sales force are getting old. There are over 100,000 representatives in this company. How many representatives in other companies have?

2) Primerica is the only company that sells term insurance 100% of the time.

3) Primerica has the lowest term insurance rates in the entire industry with the new Custom Advantage Term Insurance that came out in 2007, which also includes Preferred Plus rates. Before, Primerica rates were pretty competitive and some companies were able to beat Primerica rates. Now, Primerica rates are 20-40% cheaper than our top competitors.

4) Primerica is the first company to use TurboApps. Agents can fill out life insurance, loans, and IBAs on a hand held palm pilot. This avoids all paper work and clutter. To read full story, click here.

5) The corporate Primerica and the sales force has a unique positive relationship. Sales force brings business in and the corporation is there to support the sales force.

6) Primerica is backed by a trillion dollar company called Citigroup.

7) Primerica has a communication service called GoSolo where the sales force can listen to messages sent out by the company and representatives can reply back to the message.

8) Primerica has sold more variable annuities than Metlife's sales force. All variable annuities are underwritten by Metlife and Primerica has a marketing agreement to sell those variable annuities.

9) Primerica has the largest securities sales force in North America with about 28,000 registered representatives. They sell more mutual funds than any other financial company.

10) Primerica is one of few companies that does kitchen table presentations, meaning the agent sits in the client's home.

11) Primerica does not advertise on newspapers, TV, radio, internet, or any other types of media. This keep costs low to the consumer and pays more commissions to the sales force.

12) CEO of Primerica talks to the sales force on a weekly or monthly basis using EPN-TV and GoSolo. CEO's from other companies rarely speak to the sales force.

13) Primerica rewards its sales force by holding company trips two times a year. About 2000 people can go and each person can bring one extra person for free. The trips are all inclusive. Transportation, food, hotel, and entertainment are all paid by the company. To win the trips, the sales force has to compete with one another. There are numerous categories which a representative can win.

14) Primerica has its own corporate television called EPN-TV that airs every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Live and previous shows can also be watched on to subscribed users.

15) Regional Vice Presidents has access to Virtual Baseshop. Virtual baseshop allows RVPs and Representatives in that baseshop to effectively communicate with one another online and view productivity reports.

16) The only financial company that offers a business opportunity for just $99 (before it was $199). $40 of it will be go to the FBI to do a criminal background check, the rest will go to the state to start the licensing process.

17) Registered representatives can access Morningstar Hypothetical Portfolio Builder for free! People who use this program at other companies have to pay $2000-$5000/year. At Primerica, registered representatives can use it for free. Read the news.

18) Representatives can learn the products online by accessing under the "Field Instruction" tab and clicking on the sub-heading "Mastering the Product".

19) Representatives can bring a partner into the business, whether its a spouse, a brother, a sister, a child of legal age of 18 or older, a girlfriend/boyfriend, and so on.

20) Entire family can participate in the business. Imagine your family working together as a whole toward one goal, which is being financially independent. What would you and your family life be?

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YaVon DeCarlo said...

You have really hit the nail on the head with this post. I could not have said it better myself. You forgot one thing, however:

Primerica is a "people helping people" business. The more we help one another the more successful we become. There is no need to step on each other to get to the top. Primerica is the ultimate win-win business.